Add Ons

Text Communications


In addition to furnishing your members with world-class benefits and services at affordable rates, we empower your organization with the latest mobile communication technologies. Imagine being able to instantly broadcast a call-to-action or any type of update or information to your entire member base’s mobile device with just a few clicks.

Our communication solutions also include two-way SMS (text messaging) for member surveys that automatically populate your secure database with responses in real-time. We realize that new technologies can be difficult to harness, and that is why our experienced program managers will work closely with you to develop campaigns that deliver impactful results for your membership based organization.

Additional Member Benefits

Once our member benefit has been distributed, there are a number of ways that your target audience can activate their personal assistance service.

Restaurant Dining Certificates


Enhance your Membership VIP benefit package with dining certificates that can be enjoyed at over 18,000 restaurants nationwide. Unlike certificates that function as "buy one get one free" coupons, our certificates are in partnership with's extensive network and are good for $25 off your members' total restaurant bill. The certificates can be a one-time offer to members, or a part of a monthly benefit package that is delivered by e-mail.

Movie Theater Tickets


Another benefit that is sure to make your members happy, our movie tickets are good at virtually any movie theater for any showing. Members simply select their area theater and print their ticket which has up to a $12.00 value. Also available as a one-time offer to members, or a part of a a monthly benefit package that is delivered by e-mail.

Membership VIP

We are eager to begin providing your members, employees, clients and prospects with access to your live, branded, 24-hour team of personal assistants. Everything you need to understand how Membership VIP can help your organization become an integral part of the daily lives of your target audience.  Once you learn more about The Service, How it Works, Why it Works and other Add Ons, please Contact Us with additional questions about implementation or pricing.  

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