The Service

Membership VIP allows your members to enjoy the benefit of live 24-hour personal assistance / concierge service catering to entertainment, business, travel, shopping, and many other lifestyle needs. The live service is custom branded in your organization’s name. All callers are personally greeted by name and each call is concluded with your unique slogan, tag line or call to action. 

Enhance the benefits to your member base with access to a valuable time management tool that improves their quality of life, while keeping your organization top-of-mind.

Show them you care with Anything, at Anytime, from Anywhere…all in your organization’s name.

Ways Your Personal Assistance Service is Utilized

Personal Services

business business business
  • » Product reviews and price comparisons
  • » Shopping locations and store information
  • » Online personal shopping and purchasing
  • » Gift suggestions and online purchasing
  • » Locating specialty and rare items
  • » Finding specialty services
  • » Salons, beauty needs and appointments

Our Personal Assistants are eager to help with the little things that come up during the day and keep those small decisions from turning into big mistakes.

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Business Services

business business business
  • » Appointment scheduling and reminder calls
  • » Make calls on your behalf
  • » Fax forwarding and confirmations
  • » Dictation, document and e-mail composition
  • » Corporate research and stock quotes
  • » Public data and background checks
  • » Wake up calls

The business world moves fast. So many things to do. Our Personal Assistants provide a breadth of services all just a phone call away.

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Travel Assistance

business business business
  • » Flight selections, booking and rebooking
  • » Flight status and gate information
  • » Hotel information, reviews and reservations
  • » Weather forecasts and average temperatures
  • » Cruise information, suggestions and booking
  • » Embassy, consulate and passport information
  • » Transportation information and arrangements (taxi, limo, car rentals, bus, rail, etc.)

Whether a business trip, a weekend away, or an exotic vacation, our Personal Assistants help with planning and booking. Always there...before and after the trip.

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City Guide

business business business
  • » Nightlife info, theater shows and reservations
  • » Tourist information, sight seeing and attractions
  • » Museums, exhibitions and live music venues
  • » Snow/water sport equipment rentals and lessons
  • » Phone numbers and business addresses
  • » Driving directions, traffic and Road conditions
  • » Emergency assistance and roadside dispatch

Whether familiar or unfamiliar with a location, our 24-hour personal assistants is dedicated to giving up-to-date information on events and happenings.

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Entertainment & Leisure

business business business
  • » Dining reviews and recommendations
  • » Restaurant reservations and special requests
  • » Sporting event schedules and ticket purchasing
  • » Health club, spa locations and reservations
  • » Movie times, reviews and ticket purchasing
  • » Concert, show information and ticket purchasing
  • » Golf course tee times and bookings

Planning a casual evening or a special occasion? Whatever the need, our team of Personal Assistants will help arrange a memorable experience.

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Daily Living

business business business
  • » Directory assistance (general 411 information)
  • » Driving directions, road and traffic reports
  • » Weather forecasts and weather advisories
  • » News, sports scores and statistics
  • » Recipe suggestions and nutritional information
  • » General trivia, homework and research help
  • » Wine pairing and cocktail mixology

Our Personal Assistants will help you get the information you need when you need it. Save you time and money. Things everyone always need more of.

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Membership VIP

We are eager to begin providing your members, employees, clients and prospects with access to your live, branded, 24-hour team of personal assistants. Everything you need to understand how Membership VIP can help your organization become an integral part of the daily lives of your target audience.  Once you learn more about The Service, How it Works, Why it Works and other Add Ons, please Contact Us with additional questions about implementation or pricing.  

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