Why it Works

How do organizations make every one of their members, clients and employees happy?  Give them what they want! The benefits that organizations provide usually do not appeal to everyone and are rarely used on a daily basis. The high-touch and limitless array of assistance that Membership VIP provides your target audience appeals to all demographics and will become a part of their daily lives. Your member base consists of different types of people with unique wants and needs, but now there is one service that caters to them all. Show them you care with Anything, Anytime, Anywhere…all in your organization’s name.

Everyone wants or needs something. Benefits that are given to members of organizations are rarely useful on a daily basis. Membership VIP provides your organization with a unique tool that becomes a part of your target audience's daily lives. Your member base consists of many people leading many different lives, but now there is one service to satisfy them all.

Some of Our Clients

The branded personal assistance service can be delivered to your target audience in a variety of ways. Which works best for !your organization?

Auburn University


Supporting alumni members given access to Auburn Tigers Personal Assistance for continued contributions.

Chrysler Group


Sales managers at each dealership have access to the Chrysler VIP Assistant service as a performance reward.



Corporate gift program rewarding executives with Coca-Cola VIP Personal Assistance as a supplemental benefit.



Consumer loyalty and value-add called Infiniti Personal Assistant is given to every purchaser of a new Infiniti automobile.



Leading travel-based network marketing company gifts members with Rovia Concierge as a member acquisition/retention tool.



Consumers purchasing vehicles with the ToyoGuard Elite option package also receive the ToyoGuard Personal Assistant service.



Provider of health benefits features the Zurvita Personal Assistant in several of its top-selling consumer benefit packages.

Membership VIP

We are eager to begin providing your members, employees, clients and prospects with access to your live, branded, 24-hour team of personal assistants. Everything you need to understand how Membership VIP can help your organization become an integral part of the daily lives of your target audience.  Once you learn more about The Service, How it Works, Why it Works and other Add Ons, please Contact Us with additional questions about implementation or pricing.  

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